The Knowledge Base in the Pha Khao Lao website has its own dedicated search area and allows for 'full-text' searching in both Lao and English of all plant and animal profiles - including any attached documents.

Search terms can also be combined with any of the available 'filters' in the left-side option panels. For example, in the image below, the filter 'medicine' has been applied and combined with the search term 'orchid'

KB Search
An example search, where the 'Medicine' filter has been combined with the search term 'orchid'.

There are also several options for full-text search. Multiple search terms can be combined using AND/OR, and can be grouped with parenthesis.

For example:

poisonous AND (koi OR yam)

...will find all profiles that mention the word 'poisonous' along with either word 'koi' or 'yam'.

To search for an exact phrase, surround the phrase with double quotes.

For example: 

"bitter bamboo"

...will find all profiles containing that exact phrase.

There are also a few special prefixes that can be added to the start of the search term or phrase. For example, to limit your search to profile names only (i.e., none of the other text of the profile will be searched, only the profile name), add name: at the beginning of your search.

For example: 


...will find all profiles whose name contains 'Rattan'. Similarly, to search based on the other names associated with a profile, type: other_names: at the beginning of your search.

For example: