A Checklist of Plants in Lao PDR

12 Dec 2016 Authors: Lee, You Mi et al.
A Checklist of Plants in Lao PDR

Hye-Yong Jin, Tai-Hyeon Ahn, Hai-Joo Lee, Jeong Hwa Song, Chung Hee Lee, Young Jae Kim, Jung Won Yoon, Ho Sang Kang, Hyo Cheng, Jeong Ho Park, Miin Bang, Boungthong Bouahom, Chanhsamone Phongoudome, viengsmone Thammavong, Thatsaphone Phasaysombath, Khamfar Chanthavongsa, Soulivanh Lanorsavanh, Singkone Sayyalath, Chaloun Bounithiphonh, Phayvone Phomephanome

This publication including 226 families, 1,536 genera, and 5,204 spcies was developed upgrading the former checklist called '' A checklist of the vascular plants of Lao PDR'' published in 2007 by the Royal Botanic Garden Edingurgh, NAFRI, NUoL and IUCN Lao PDR. In particular it features the Lao name and Lao index together with scientific name and English index in order to increase the efficient and convenience to local people, students, researchers and professionals who has interested in the field of biodiversity and flora in Lao PDR.