Conservation Breeding of the Laos Warty Newt (Laotriton laoensis) Until the F3-Generation

24 May 2023 Authors: Bachhausen, P.
Bachhausen, P.

Since 2008 the commercial trade of Laotriton laoensis has been prohibited in Laos. This is to be welcomed although protection in practice is hardly to be monitored. According to IUCN the species is listed as “Endangered EN”. The species is still threatened by local people by poisonous fishing. The newts are used for food in Laos. Even more problematic is the use in traditional medicine, which can become a serious threat in the medium term despite the trade ban. They are used for example as drugs against respiratory diseases and arthritis. The importance for the international animal trade was repeatedly discussed. Due to the diurnal activity the newts are easily captured. Its size and attractiveness make the newts to a desirable species for the pet trade. However, the report presented here shows that coordinated offspring management is a good way to counter the threats. All possible keepers who are interested in keeping this species should refrain from acquiring wild caught animals