Checklist of the Carnivorous Snail Superfamily Streptaxoidea Gray, 1860 (Gastropoda: Eupulmonata) from Laos with Description of a New Species

28 May 2023 Authors: Anny Vanhdibay, Chathala Viennasai, Patisith Mitthiyaphone, Chanthanom Deuanemany, Thanit Siriboon And Khamla Inkhavilay
Anny Vanhdibay


The superfamily Streptaxoidea is widespread in the tropical region and represents a major portionof the land snail fauna of most Southeast Asian countries. Laos is located on one of the biodiversity hotspotsin this region,with high mountain ranges and limestone karsts. Herein,an up-to-date checklistis providedof all known Streptaxoidea species recorded in Laosuntil the year 2022. This annotated checklist comprises 23species(9Diapheridae and 14 Streptaxidae) with brief taxonomic notes/remarkswhen necessary. Ofthese, Haploptychius somsakiVanhdibay &Inkhavilay, sp. nov., is described based on shell morphological charactersof specimenscollected from the limestone karsts incentral Laos. The specieshas an aperture oblique-ovate; peristome discontinuous, expanded, reflected, and thickened with enlarged columella fold adjacent to columellar axis.A systematic revision and more field research are required to fully reveal the species diversity of the superfamily Streptaxoidea in Laos