Value chain
Producers: Most bananas in Laos are planted for domestic use. They are sold at the local market or roadside stalls.
Sellers or Distributors: Locally, most bananas are harvested by family members from the garden and then brought to local markets or sold in small shops or roadside stalls. Retailers sell with other fresh produce from their own gardens. A middleman may sell to a large market in the city or a local grocery store.
Buyers: People who live in the town come to buy fresh fruit. Sometimes bananas are bought to develop and process into many kinds of food products. This adds value.
Price and trends: Market prices and trends: In general, local bananas sell for 2000–5000 kip per hand. If sold in the market, the price increases to 4000–7000 kip per hand. If processed to make a product, it will sell for a different price, depending on the product. For example, butter banana (about 15,000 kip per bag), banana cake (2000 kip/piece), dried banana (5000 kip/small bag, 10,000 kip/medium bag), and other products.

Produce chain diagram