About Pha Khao Lao

About Pha Khao Lao

Rice harvesting. Image credit: TABI

Every day Lao eat a bit of their heritage. Whether eating bamboo shoots, having crispy river weed with a beer or having specialty Xiengkhouang noodles with their Pho. 

That is why we called this initiative Pha Khao.

A Pha Khao is a low standing table used for eating meals in Lao and a poignant symbol of Lao people’s connection to agrobiodiversity (ABD). The table is usually made of rattan or bamboo and made locally. Family and friends gather around the table and share meals which consist largely of ‘agrobiodiversity food’ such as fish, sticky rice, local vegetables, stews and hand made dipping sauces.

We aim to do the same on-line. 

The Pha Khao Lao Agrobiodiversity Resource Platform aims to consolidate the wealth of written and oral knowledge in the country so it can be readily accessed and used by students, researchers, develop professionals, decision-makers, local communities and the private sector. The platform is meant to be interactive, insightful and useful to those who use it.

The Platform intends to:

  • Act as a compendium of formal knowledge on product and species information profiles as well as provide expert and policy related information
  • Inspire students, young agri-peneurs, farming men and women to develop agrobiodiversity related farming and products
  • Facilitate sharing and learning between different actors and promote changes in how people farm, eat and use agrobiodiversity.

We want Lao people to know about their rich natural heritage, have pride in it and most importantly take action to conserve, manage and profit from this natural wealth. 

Use it – don't lose it!