Local Chicken Market Value-Chain Analysis

01 Aug 2018 Authors: Matt Ratter

This report covers a survey of market supply and demand for chicken meat and eggs in Xieng Khouang Province (XKH), Lao PDR.  This includes a value-chain analysis of the five different varieties of native and hybrid chicken meat sold in the province, with analysis of both individual districts and Xieng Khouang Province as a whold.  Findings of the report show that native chickens supply an estimated one-quarter of the Xieng Khouang chicken market share, with the other three-quarters made up of hybrid varieties.  The provincial markets in Phonsavan account for about 60 percent of native chicken sales, with Vietnamese markets and XKH’s district markets/other accounting for an additional 20% of sales each.

Recommendations of the report are to increase the production of native chickens for the supply of markets by reducing the risk of chicken diseases, raising chicken-producer awareness of the potential income benefit from increasing their production of native chickens and implementing a more systematic value-chain approach to the producing, buying and selling of native chickens.  Additionally, marketing approaches could be used to better understand consumer demand through market research for native chickens and attempt to increase consumer demand for native chickens by developing branding and promotion, as well as product development and diversification.