A New Species and a New Combination of Grona with a List of Desmodium s.l. (Leguminosae) of Indochina

28 May 2023 Authors: Hiroyoshi Ohashi, Kazuaki Ohashi, Koji Nata, Phetlasy Souladeth and Shuichiro Tagane
Hiroyoshi Ohashi

Desmodium s.l. (Leguminosae tribe Desmodieae) is highly diverse in Indochina at the generic level. Among the segregates from Desmodium s.s., Grona has most differentiated in the region with 16 species. This paper adds two species of Grona to the region: a new species, G. laosensis H.Ohashi, K.Ohashi & Tagane, and a new combination, G. ovalifolia (Prain) H.Ohashi, K.Ohashi & Tagane, based on comparative morphological studies and results of molecular phylogenetic analyses. A new list of Desmodium s.l. of Indochina includes 14 genera and 45 species comprising nine genera and 19 species in Cambodia, 13 and 34 in Laos, 13 and 34 in Thailand, and 12 and 29 in Vietnam, respectively.