Mimosa pigra (L) from Introduced Species to Utilization: Charcoal Briquette


28 Mar 2020 Authors: Phongphayboun Phonepaseuth, Seetha Souvannavongsack and Aouy Ernthavanh

Giant mimosa (Mimosa pigra L.) is one of the dangerous introduced species which the most rapid growth around streams and riverbanks. These plants inhibit and completion grows of other plants in the same area. Utilize mimosa as bioenergy is a practical way to reduce this problem. This continues to study from previous utilization of agricultural waste as biofuel project. The aims of this study were to compare the efficiency of mimosa charcoal briquette in four ratios of charcoal : cassava starch binder (w/w) Vis. 500:50, 500:75, 500:100, and mimosa charcoal, also compare with Eucalyptus charcoal using water boiling test (WBT) as comparison technique. Temperature change, duration of burning, and ash residual were measured. From the result, ratios 500:75 and 500:100 have a uniform without cracked after compressed. The best ratio is 500:75 (w/w) with long burning duration; less ash residual compare with others ratios in all comparison techniques. In summary, giant mimosa could be an alternative source of charcoal usage in the future.