Marketing potential of Lao Forest Honey: Prospects for a “healthy” future


07 May 2018 Authors: Emmanuelle Andaya, Soutsada Chanthasiri, Manivanh Aliyavong


  • The perceived health benefits and natural quality of Lao Forest Honey provide a marketing advantage over other competitors in the country and the region, where honey is predominantly used for health. Strengthen Lao Honey’s image and brand as pure forest honey in the domestic and export markets through (1) a national standard, (2) quality and traceability systems, (3) hygiene and safety certification, (3) improved packaging, branding and (4) communication.
  • Focus on niche markets, competing on quality and value instead of quantity and price. Instead of the international bulk and traditional markets, the Lao Forest honey sector should focus on creating its own niche and capturing a share of the middle to high-end honey markets in the domestic and neighboring countries, then expand to other high-value importing countries.
  • Increase domestic consumption of Lao honey through accessibility and information dissemination. Improve distribution systems and increase consumer awareness on the health benefits of honey in general, and the availability and quality of Lao honey to strengthen the domestic market.
  • For a more competitive Lao Forest Honey Sector, upgrade the production and marketing capacity of the value chain actors, invest in research and development and promote innovation. Combining traditional knowledge with new technology and techniques offers potential to increase productivity and to create unique honey products for health and other niche markets.
  • Link up with entrepreneurs and other sectors. Make use of the tourism sector as a promotional platform and engage social entrepreneurs to further promote the Lao Honey Sector.
  • A strong Country of Origin (COO) image will benefit the Lao Honey and other Lao natural products. Laos can develop its image as a country where safe and clean products are produced. This will require cooperation among different ministries and sectors and a national strategy that promotes and protects the image of Lao products.