Field Guide to Fishes of the Mekong Basin of Laos


20 Aug 2021 Authors: Praxaysombath, B., K. Utsugi, K. Phongsa, M. Nammanivong, V. Vannachak, K. Phommachan, T. Phommavong, V. Photthana, V. Duangthasy and S. Latsamy.
ບຸນທົບ ພະໄຊສົມບັດ

Laos is a part of Indo-Burma Biodiversity hotspot that is known as one of the Earth's 34 threatened biodiversity hotspots. The Mekong River Basin in Laos is topographically characterized in having a lot of rapids and mountainous tributaries, encompasses 202,000 kilomatter squars occupying abourt 25% of total area and 35% of total annual flow of the Mekong basin. More the about 490 fish species (including about 22 exotic species) are known to date from the area. Further unrecognized fish species could be discovered if ichthyologists search for them.