Distribution and Ecology of Some Important River Fish Species of the Mekong River Basin


06 Jun 2004 Authors: K.G. Hortle, S.J. Booth and T.A.M. Visser

The fishery of the Mekong River is one of the largest and most significant in the world, and most of the production is based on migratory river fishes. An earlier report provided an overview of the general patterns of fish migrations and their significance for management. This complementary report provides more detailed information on 40 key species which are significant in the Mekong River fishery. For each species we provide notes on distribution, feeding, size, population structure, critical habitats, life cycle and its importance in fisheries. The information presented is mainly from surveys carried out throughout the lower Mekong
Basin over the period 1995-2001 by fisheries agencies in each country, coordinated by the MRC Fisheries Programme and funded by Danida. The report also references other relevant published information.