Handbook on Responsible Agricultural Investment for the Private Sector

11 May 2021 Authors: LIWG, VFI, LIFE, HELVETAS Laos and EU

This handbook has been developed to promote responsible agricultural investment for all investors who wish to invest in agriculture with responsibility towards the relevant policies and laws. To support grassroots efforts through the provision of a variety of information and illustrations to interact with the private sector, and to guarantee responsible and sustainable investment; we believe it is for the benefit of investors to invest responsibly and uphold the law and policies of the Lao PDR, which protect and respect the rights of farmers. This will support local economies through reinforcement of the capacity of local farmers and partners of our government to establish reliable and acceptable conditions. This manual includes information selected based on its deemed importance and, specifically, the content takes into account agricultural investment models, rights and roles of investors, participation in investments, and resolution of conflicts related to agricultural investment. We very much hope that this handbook will act as a facilitation tool for those who are interested in responsible agricultural investment to lead the way for increased knowledge and understanding.