Check list of Mushrooms (Basidiomycetes) in Thailand

18 Feb 2011 Authors: Chandrasrikul, A., P. Suwanarit, U. Sangwanit, S. Lumyong, A. Payapanon, N. Sanoamuang, C. Pukahuta, V. Petcharat, U. Sardsud, K. Duengkae, U. Klinhom, S. Thongkantha and S. Thongklam.
Check list of Mushrooms (Basidiomycetes) in Thailand

Mushrooms are some of our most valuable biological resources. They can be found throughout Thailand. For the Thai people, mushrooms off er a variety of traditional uses and benefits. Mushrooms are a rich source of protein. They provide therapeutic and medicinal benefits because of their herbal properties. Mushroom farming also generates incomes for farming families.


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Checklist of mushroom in Thailand