How to do Burn Boun Rattan-Lady Palm

bouavone thipphavanh
"In the past, burning food was considered to be an alternative cooking method that was particularly popular among the Makong tribe."
Lao Kitchen

       In the past, Burn cooking was another method that was popular, especially for the Magong hill tribes. In the past, the Magong hill tribes lived in the mountains and forests, so they preferred cooking, roasting, burning, and digging for rice. instead of rice until now Switched to a rice cooker But they still had some of the manu that he save composed as before. such as Burn Boun Rattan-Lady Palm.


  1. Boun Rattan               10 off-shoot
  2. Lady Palm                  10 off-shoot
  3. Turkey berry                2 bunch
  4. Culantro                      2 leaf
  5. Bamboo                      1  internode
  6. Salt                             1/2  teaspoon
  7. Pepper                        3 unit
  8. Water                          a little                        

How to do: 

  • wash the Boun Rattan, Turkey Berries, Lady Palm and Culantro thoroughly with wate
  • Put them in a bamboo
  • Take the chilies, salt and add a little water
  • Close the bamboo with a leaf and put it on the fire
  • Cook for 10 to 15 minutes before eating

Source of information: Mr. waen, the people of Thublao Village ( Jalu ), Bualapha District, Khammouan Province.