stream sticky rice with rice bean (Khao Tom Thua Dam)

Andy Souvanhphukdee
Khao Tom is an original food which relates with varies custom in Laos. Besides, it also has nutrition in each versions of Khao Tom, especially Khao Tom Thua Dam.
Lao Kitchen

•  1 kg, sticky rice
•  3 g, dry rice bean
•  1 teaspoon, salt
For 10 pieces

1.  Put the dry rice bean in water for 1 night. 
2.  Remove the water, clean the beans again and boil it for more than 1 hour until soft. 
3.  Put sticky rice in water for more than 2 hours. Remove water and mix with cooked rice beans. Put some salt as well. 
4.  Prepare squares of banana leaves, wipe them and put 2 spoons of the mix before wrapping. Tie the cakes two by two. 
5.  Put the cakes in a big pot, fill with water and boil for almost two hours until cooked

Nutrition benefit

  • (327 kcal/100 g of dry seeds)
  • high protein food (20.9 g/100 g)
  • high in Calcium (200 mg)
  • Iron (10.9 mg)

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