Pandanus juice

Andy Souvanhphukdee
Drink pandanus juice to control thirst, to treat heart problems and to moisture the body
Lao Kitchen


  • 5-6 stalks of Pandanus
  • 8 bowls of water
  • 2 small bowls of sugar
  • Ice
  • Sugar


  1. Wash the Pandanus and slice it into small pieces. 
  2. Use half of the sliced Pandanus to boil 10-15 minutes. Add some sugar if you want a sweet taste.
  3. Use the other half of the sliced Pandanus for grinding. After grinding, strain the slices and put them into a bowl. Boil the slices for 3 minutes, while the stove is closed.
  4. After boiling, let all the Pandanus slices cool down and serve the juice with some ice. 


  • Add some salt for a better taste.
  • Serve the juice with ice for refreshment. 

More information: Herb Juice Book.

Instruction video: Marecipes.