Custard pumpkin (Sang kha Ya Mark Aue)

Andy Souvanhphukdee
Custard pumpkin, cook one get two. One pumpkin is enough for family or group of friends
Lao Kitchen
Great British Chefs 2019

•  2 small Pumpkins (limited at 1 kg for one) 
•  250 g Coconut milk (elite only)
•  3 chicken eggs
•  3 duck eggs
•  5 fragrant pandanus leaves 
•  Pinch of salt

1.  cut the head of pumpkin by knife to make role
2.  get out of the seed by spoon
3.  Mix coconut milk, sugar and eggs together
4.  Use Pandanus leaves for rubbing all ingredients till it mixtures
5.  Strain the juice, toss into the role of pumpkin
6. place pumpkin to stream pot, covered 1 hour (not forget to open every 20 minutes)
Great British Chefs 2019

Information by SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

Video by May